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Discover how Puzzlup has added innovation to classic puzzle accessories to enhance your comfort and puzzle fun.

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Stackable in all directions

Ideal for storage, or for puzzling on smaller surfaces. Turn and flip your trays as you wish. 

Group 950
Group 951

Move your puzzle without breaking

Puzzlup has left the front open, allowing you to move the puzzle easily.

Group 948
Group 949

Larger than standard

Classic sorting trays are too small to work on your puzzle in sections. Our trays are the ideal size for completing sections of your puzzle.

Group 946
Group 947

Easy closure system

In two smooth movements, you can roll up and close the mat without losing any pieces. The closure is integrated into the design, with no hanging ribbons. 

Puzzle pieces click more smoothly

Your puzzle pieces will not snag on the mat; they will glide along and click together smoothly. 

Group 942

Roll up without breaking the puzzle

Our innovative storage system ensures that puzzle pieces do not crease or break.

Group 940
Group 941

Your comfort is key

While developing our products, we listened carefully to the needs of hundreds of puzzle fans to come up with the best solution.

Your comfort is key

While developing our products, we listened carefully to the needs of hundreds of puzzle fans to come up with the best solution.

Roll-up puzzle mat

Choose ultimate ease of use and puzzle fun with our premium puzzle mat.

Stackable sorting trays

Keep your puzzle experience neat and tidy with our handy sorting trays.

Ergonomic puzzle board

Discover this XL puzzle board, made of quality materials for an unparalleled puzzle experience.


"A true quality product.

“Have bought many a puzzle mat in recent years. These are now all going neatly to the recycle. In retrospect, this was a waste of money. This product is the ideal solution for storing your puzzle.

Beautifully finished with excellent material. On the scale of 10, this is genuinely a 10 with a pin. So look no further. Cheap really is expensive. You are going to enjoy this immensely.

You can store the puzzle rolled up in the included pretty colourful tube. A perfect solution.”


"Cool puzzle board"

“Easy to puzzle you can put the puzzle Easily in all sides”


"Good puzzle mat"

“Very happy with this puzzle mat.With rolling up and unrolling, the puzzle stays well in place and also you can nicely slide the pieces back and forth when puzzling itself,this is not the case on a mat made of felt.This mat is made of fine material .”


"Great board!"

“Through a a link from puzzleup, I was able to buy this board for half. Super happy with it. It’s a very practical board, lightweight, everywhere you can puzzle with it. Much less stressful for your back. So I can now get back to my hobby after a long time. My happy!”


"Magnificent "

“magnificent in use.”

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